Thursday, September 28, 2006

This time... it really has been forever since I have updated. The twins are doing good! Heath has been battling with a cough/wheeze for about a week now, along with some throwing up. Hallie has been doing great. She woke up with a rash on her face and legs this morning. Im sure she will be sick just in time for the homecoming football game tomorrow night. That is how it works around here... Making plans = sick babies! The kids have been getting to play outside a lot lately. They feel like they are in Heaven when they get to run around everywhere. Im still not convinced that its worth the major tantrum when we come back in the house... but atleast the tantrum wears them out, then its off to bed!
In this 2nd picture you can really tell the difference in the twins skin color. Heath has my color, and Hallie her dads. Great News... Hallie is getting another tooth.... She just might have 2 whole teeth before her second birthday.

To the Anonymous person that wrote asking if we still use Duocal for Hallie, YES!! It adds 45 calories to every bottle! Im not too convinced it works wonders but I cant imagine how small she would be without it. I dont really know her exact weight since we havent been the the dr in a while, but im guessing (hoping) around 16 1/2 lbs... @ 20 months...(Carrie and Julie....can you believe our babies are about to be TWO... I think you guys need to start working on siblings for your little girls) im sure that isnt even close to being on the charts. She still is taking the bottle pretty good but she hasnt increased ANY on her table food.

Harley has been doing great at school. He comes home everyday with something new he has learned. Most recently learning how to spell, stop, go, no, dog, cat, daddy, and of course Harley. I will say one thing....FOUR is looking better then the three's did. He is getting to where you can reason with him. And he is getting to where he can pick the twins up and move them from things they arent suppose in/on.

I went to change Heath's diaper the other night (just a reminder, its football season, my husbands a yes, i was home doing the single mom thing) and I come back in the living room and Hallie is on the rocker, standing...rocking herself fast as she could..and hanging on tight....
Then, i stepped on the back porch and threw something away and come back (took maybe 10 seconds) and she was standing on the kitchen table!! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hallie has a tooth. It is as sideways as it can be, but its there! I have not been updating because I just dont know if I am going to keep this blog up since the Halle Grace scare. One of our close friends that had a blog had someone pretend to be Halle's mother. Way too creepy for me. Anyhow, my trio are doing fine. Running me crazy. I can not leave the twins sight. The climb on the chair, on the table, in the high chair.... faster then I can throw something away in the other room.
Check out Hallie's new carseat.... or shall i say LOOK AT THAT TONGUE! Hallie isnt using her big girl carseat yet, but my mom did get it for her for Xmas.

I took all three kids to Justin's first football game of the year. Well, we made it a whole half before we left. I was really proud of that! The kids were actually good but they kept me so busy that I didnt get to watch ANY of the game.

Julie, email me an update. You know I cant go very long without knowing how she's doing!! Posted by Picasa