Saturday, May 27, 2006

Santa got Heath this rock'n dog and he is finally able to ride it. He loves it as you can tell by his face! Posted by Picasa


More pictures from Harley's end of the year program!! How about that hat!
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Ashtyn, Harley, and Olivia. These are my sister's 2 girls. Harley is dressed for his end of the year program.. He was suppose to dress country/farmish! Justin said he looked homeless but I happen to think he was cutest kid there!!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 22, 2006

14 LBS!! 4.5 OZ!!

I am SO EXCITED..... HALLIE BROOKE WEIGHS....are you ready.... are you sure...... 14lbs 4.5oz!!!!! That is about a pound this month alone.....Thank God for the makers of Duocal!! Heath had his heart appointment today, and he doesn't have to see him again for another year. She said that his heart must have sounded louder to the CNP cause of the Pnuemonia he had. So , for once...i was very happy leaving the dr's office. (not that you guys arent nice... but we rarely see you for good news...michele and deion!) We are planning on visiting some NICU buddies of ours on June 3rd (but im not telling the babies that, cause then they would get sick the day before going) I cant wait to see Halle Grace and Julia again! Besides that , nothing new here.....FYI- Hallie does not hold her own bottle while she eats... but she did long enough for mom to grab the camera!! way to fool them all hallie!
Harley's dog has made it 2 weeks!! Go Lacy!
**Sadie, I have been trying to leave a comment for a week on your blog, and for some reason i can't..but The Retina Foundation is in Dallas , off of 75 and Walnut Hill**
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hasn't she gained weight!!!? Posted by Picasa

Yay! I finally figured out another way to get pictures on here!! Im so excited. Here is a picture of Harley and our favorite Magen in the world, in her prom dress. (Though, you cant see the dress). Harley is beginning to look so BIG! He looks like a little man in this picture. They grow up so fast.... well, all of them except Hallie....we are still waiting on her to grow! Posted by Picasa

Look REALLY close and you can catch a glance of Heath's first two teeth (on bottom). Heath goes Monday to get his heart check out again.  Posted by Picasa

Harley calls sister "beautiful", what a smart kid he is! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming! Today we took Heath and Hallie to the Retina Foundation for further research on their eyes. All test were ran with their eye glasses on. Heath (with glasses on) had normal vision for his adjusted age. Now for the HIT of the year... Hallie with glasses ON, is legally blind in her left eye, the one which she has had 4 surgeries on. We realized her eye was really bad but we thought that the glasses corrected it, or at least made it a lot better. The news was very shocking and depressing. Hallie has been through so much and we pray that in the future there will be surgeries that can correct her vision, at least where she can see with corrective lenses. Maybe it was that I was in denial about how bad her eye was. They told us if we didn't start making her wear her glasses more and start patching her good eye then she will lose ALL vision in her bad eye. All of you who have babies in glasses know its almost impossible to make them wear the glasses for any amount of time. I would like to say Hallie wore hers for 3 hours in a row today! Maybe she understood the bad news, too. I think being a mom of a preemie has definitely helped me see the good in things, we have all had so many close calls with our children's health. I think it has helped me tremendously get over the little hurdles that we have been faced with. I am very thankful that Hallie can see out of her other eye, and has normal vision in it. As long as she has vision at all , I should be thankful, right. I know things could be so much worse and we are lucky to have the babies as healthy as they are. It just breaks my heart to look at her and think that she doesn't have everything she deserves in life. During times like this , and many other times that we have been faced with, I have to try and take the advice that I have given to so many... I know God wouldn't have given me these babies to love and take care of if he didn't think I could handle it. I feel so lucky to be the mom to 3 beautiful children. The hardest thing about being a mom is the feeling of hopelessness when there is something your child needs so bad, and you can get it for them.

Heath's cardiologist appointment is Monday, wish us better luck on this one!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Heath and Hallie are still trying to get over their sickness.... I can't even remember the last time I wrote... Hallie got sick around Friday... So, to anyone wondering.... Having 2 babies with Pnuemonia, SUCKS! Justin and I both took off Friday, in fact I haven't been to work in almost a week. Things are starting to look a little better around here. Heath still is having some trouble breathing but all antibiotics are gone, we are still doing breathing treatments all throughout the day. Hallie has started saying a few more words. Momma is now in here vocabulary, and also uh-oh. And guess what everyone.... hallie fits into a pair of sandles, well...kinda, they almost fit and they dont fall off, so we are wearing them!!
Harley now has a new puppy, once again! Since Justin fixed the fence I really think this one is a keeper. Harley named her Lacy.

****** NO REPLY'S NEEDED ON THIS TOPIC, PLEASE! I AM OFFICIALLY THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN TEXAS TO BUY A MINIVAN..... I was telling my mom just the day before I got mine that they should have an age requirement of 30 to be able to buy one (which I am only 25 to anyone wondering...Carrie, maybe you should try getting one...u deffinitly have the age thing going!! LOL, im just kidding, you know i love you) But, then i broke down and realized that i am no longer cool, that it doesnt matter what vehicle i drive, once I step out with all 3 kiddo's....I lost whatever coolness I may have had... and i hate to admit it , but i actually really love the van!
I FINALLY got a picture on here, from my new computer at home. We just thought Heath was eating a whole jar of baby food, but actually half of it ends up on his face, as you all can see. Then of course I try and upload another picture of Hallie and Harley and it wont let me, go figure!

Misty K, does Melissa know what she is having yet? due date?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Poor Boy

Today was Heath's Dr. appt, and I was really expecting another viral infection... But, boy was I ever wrong. Heath has pneumonia! Yes, you read write... He is now on breathing treatments every 4 hours, steroids, and antibiotics. He is coughing a lot and sometimes is throwing up from that. ***** When the CNP was checking his heart she noticed that his heart sounded a lot different then before. (he had a major heart surgery when he was 2 lbs). This startled her enough to call his cardiologist right away. So, now we are making an appt with the cardiologist asap. Please pray that he doesnt have to go through another surgery! I think if Heath isnt better by monday they will probably admit him into the hospital.... But, hopefully with all the meds, he will be getting better fast!
Hallie is starting to get congested and is also coughing a lot... So, it looks like we will probably be taking her in sometime soon.... Do they ever get well.... I think before one is well the other one is sick...we never have a healthy house!
One of the coaches at our school gave Harley a new dog, since his old one ran away.... What the heck is our problem with dogs... This one lasted approx 20 hours before leaving... its in a chain linked fence. Harley doesnt know that its gone yet... we are hoping he forgot about it...we are getting him another one this Sunday, and YES , Justin did spend an hour fixing the gate! If this one runs away..... I give up!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Once again today, I got a call from daycare. Heath had 103 temp again! He had been well for 4 days, and now its back... I may be taking him to the dr again tomorrow, probably just for them to tell me its a viral infection and that we just have to wait it out. He has also started throwing up again. Up until about 2 weeks ago he had about never thrown up. Hallie, too, is starting to get congested and is also throwing up some.... Enough about all that!! Just wanted to update everyone! For some reason my home computer wont allow pictures to it looks like it will be a while before I get ya'll get to see them again....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It is about time I update! Well, it has been one crazy week here.... Lets start with Heath! Thursday he was sent home from daycare with a temp of 102... friday it reached 104.5 and he wasnt keeping any fluids down... it was so scary! After finally finding tylenol supositories his fever finally went down to 103. Friday we also took him into see one of his doctors and they said it was a viral infaction. So pretty much we just have to ride it out.... Today is Tues and he is still not himself at throw up since yesterday but it still only taking about 1/4 of what he usually does. The Doctor said as long as he is having wet diapers that he should be okay. Saturday we did think we were going to have to take him to the ER but he finally wet a diaper! ---This is me being selfish... but, since Heath was sick we were not able to attend the MOD walk...i was SO upset.. I had been looking forward to seeing Julia and Halle Grace for so long and visiting with their families. ( we will have to get together this summer, for sure!)--- During all this sickness for Heath, he FINALLY has 2 teeth...barely, but you can feel them! Now, onto Hallie.... I am offically withdrawling the term innocent with her! Wow, she is a mess! Dynamite = small packages! I believe it!! She has been getting into trouble at school for pulling this other little boys hair ( he is 20lbs bigger then her) , she will drag him down by his hair... my first reaction to this was "way to go Hallie!!" but then after the 2nd and 3rd time of the teacher telling us this... ok, now its old... The pulling of the hair is my mothers fault, she used to get to play with my hair while she know, whatever to make her eat... then it got to pulling, so I stopped that...well, my mother still lets her do it to her. My mother says its making her arms stronger... Hallie does NO wrong in Nana's eyes. Hallie is still on her DuoCal weight gainer and I must say its working, I KNOW she is getting bigger. We will not offically know her weight until June, I think. But, take it from her mom ..this baby is gaining ( remember, i didnt say how much!) Hallie has been sleeping in her bed now for about a month, except for her little meltdown last night. She cried for over an hour and finally Justin put her in the car and drove until she fell a sleep... Being the cruel mom I am at midnight.... she slept in her carseat.. I was way too scared to wake that baby up, in fear that the crying would start back up. I would love to comment on the progress she is making with her eating, but the truth is there is none... she is no better or no worse then before.. On the Harley... Our ball of fire! His newest thing is singing the "honky tonk, badonkey donk" song.. It was cute the first 1000 times, now the teachers are all talking about it at his school, should I remind everyone that his school is at a church! Potty training progress... Holy Crap, this is the biggest struggle we have ever had as Harley's parents... I have taken advice from everyone... He does not care if he goes in his pants... we have done every thing from making him sit the potty every 30 mins, to putting cheerios in the toilet for him to aim for... - he wants to eat the cereal... not teetee on it! On the the new dog we have... or shall i say HAD... it ran away its first night, found him the next day in the woods.... then we had him for about a week or 2, he started really liking us , so i thought... that darn dog is gone again.. this time no where to be found.. Harley just doesnt understand why Flash keeps running away.... He was chained up so good... but he got out of his collar!
Well, that about sums up our week...


** Rachel, I am so proud of you for breaking the school record at regionals! You'll get em next year...we will be going to Austin!**