Friday, April 28, 2006

Run Hard Rachel

Rachel......Good Luck tomorrow in the 800 finals....i WILL be there before you run....I am very proud of you and all that you have accomplished this year! Run your best and dont hold anything back...and Ill be proud , no matter what!

Look Halle Grace

Look Halle Grace......we have the same outfit! Hope to see you(and PJ) tomorrow!!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Walk America

I am SO late on doing this..... but we are walking with the twins in the March of Dimes walk in Dallas on the 29th. I just registered us, as the LovvornTwins. Most people that keep up with this blog have their own preemies raising money, so I doubt with the short notice that much money will be raised by us.

Our 15 month check up was depressing! Heath lost weight...he went from 19lbs 1oz 3 weeks ago to 18lbs 15oz!! But , we aren't worried... cause he is eating like a pig....
Hallie weighed 13 lbs 2 oz , 3 weeks ago and now is 13lbs 5oz.... NOT ENOUGH GAINING!! We are now added DuoCal to her wish her luck....They were very pleased with both twins progress....

** The picture is Heath , Hallie , and Lilly (their 4 month old cousin, that weighs more then Hallie) .... She is so darn cute! Pictures like this make me sad in a way...This is what it would have looked like if we wouldn't have lost our 3rd baby....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hallie's been home a YEAR!

Where does the time go....I forgot yesterday was Hallie's One Year at home anniversary!! It doesn't seem like she has been home that long. A year ago we were stuck in the bedroom with her, because she was so attached to machines she couldn't leave the room. She weight 5lbs then, and only 13lbs a YEAR later. But, she has made great progress and we are so proud of her. I couldn't be more excited about chasing her room to room , when it drives me crazy... I just think how lucky I am that she is here with us and then nothing else seems to matter. We are so blessed to have her as healthy as she is.... God has been good to us! She amazes me everyday! Look at this smile, how could you NOT love her.....

Tomorrow is the twins 15 month check up....So ill have new weights and stuff on Thursday!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Left to right....Heath (15 months), Harley (3), Lilly (4 months), Chance (6), Daniel (10), Hallie (15 months)


These pictures were taking at their "Gran-Gran" house. (Justin's grandmother). They hunted Easter eggs and the babies played with the eggs and baby food that Granny got them in their basket.


Here are some recent pictures of the kids.... Hallie is wearing the only outfit that Justin has ever bought for them. "Coach's Kid" He isnt exactly a shopper! Harley and his dog, Flash! Heath thought it was so funny when Magen put his shorts on his head...he won't keep a hat on but he will keep his shorts on his head...go figure! The group picture was the day they had the Easter party at school.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Close Up

Thank goodness Nana happens to be on vacation. The daycare is closed for Good Friday, and for some reason our school is open. My mother has the twins (which both happen to be sick) and Justin and I are taking turns having Harley in our classes! What fun...Harley is eating up all the attention from all the girls in my class, what a little man he is!

Happy Easter to all the blogs I frequently visit....Julia, Halle Grace, Collin & Cyrus, Kaitlyn, Holland & Eden, Hannah & Kristian, Ava & Jackson, Baylee & Brayden, Alex & Spencer, Shoshanna...ok, just call me the blog stalker!! Im sure I left someone out.... But have a good Easter everyone.

Julia and Halle Grace.....2 week until we see you...Hope everyone is well before then!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Double Trouble!

In our house, we have triple trouble! All 3 of our kids are running(crawling) in 3 different directions. It's near impossible to get anything done when you are home alone with all three. I'm lucky to have them fed and changed. Justin and I are like single parents , just on different days. Days he has baseball games, Im home.... when I have track, he's home. And Wed and Sunday seems like a breeze cause we are both there!!

*My mother is back from Arkansas (yes, we have family there...but shhh..we dont tell anyone!). You never realize how much grandparents help you out until they are gone for a few days. Nana and Granny, we love you!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Hallie is no saint! She has turned into quiet a handful herself! She crawls in her room and drags out all her old micro preemie clothes from the bottom drawer. If Heath is only in a diaper then she tries pulling it off. She doesn't allow up to change her diaper peacefully anymore, she twists and turns just like Heath now. That is something Harley never did, he was a great baby...Im not use to having to pin a kid down just to get clothes on him/her! I finally found a pair of shoes that fit Hallie, they are the pink ones she has on in this picture.. They are actually newborn bed slippers but they are the ONLY ones that have stayed on her little feet, her ankles are TINY! She is eating decent these days, she is doing a little better with baby food- she doesn't gag everytime we put it in her mouth...And sometimes she even opens her mouth for it. Her bottles are going pretty good, she knows who will feed her with her tube if she refuses the bottle (her Nana) ...She is a smart girl, she eats for me and the sitter! Her Granny kept her the other night, Granny is a favorite of hers...She only sees her about once a week but she loves her...And besides me, that is the only person she goes to.

** My friend in the hospital had her babies about 2 weeks ago... They weighed 3lbs a piece! ( a lot of us would have paid big bucks for our little ones to weigh that). She had 2 girls, Molly and Emily. They are doing good, and are starting to eat from the bottle. Probably shouldn't be too many more weeks and they will be home!

**Harley got a dog yesterday, he was so proud of. He woke up this morning asking to see it.... Well, Flash is GONE.... Poor Harley is so upset. The dog dug a hole and got out... We aren't holding our breath that he will be there when we get home! We will just have to get Harley another dog!

These pictures tell it all, Heath is into EVERYTHING! And when I tell him "no, sir", he just laughs at me....Heath is doing great, even though he has been standing now for months and is too scared to let go to stand alone! I think the kid could walk, if he wasn't such a chicken! He is eating great, about 3-4 jars of food a day and everytime he takes a bottle its between 7-10 oz! He will be moving to his 'big boy' car seat this next weekend.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Leave a comment

I watch my stats go up and up on this website but I only know about 5 people that view it. I would like everyone to leave a comment and let me know who you are. I have done this once before but I know there are new viewers. Even if its a month from now when you read this.....still comment, please! Like my sister, Stacey.... I know you look at this website all the time and you have never left your precious niece and nephew a message... or your wonderful sister!! Click on comment, then click on other under the "choose and identity" then you can leave me a message! Now that everyone knows how to comment, no excuses!

***Great News- Heath and Hallie both slept through the night last night... that is a first, both in the same night...! I woke up this morning , rolled over and asked Justin , "did yours wake up last night", nope, "did yours", nope! AMAZING!! A full night sleep for everyone in the house.

***All 3 of the kids had their pictures made at daycare today... I was there and I think they are going to be SO CUTE, I cant wait to see them!!! They all wore white shirts with denim! Not all smiled but I think they did all glance at the camera at the same time.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heath and Hallie are finally feeling better! I hate to write that , because I know how fast things can change. When Hallie was sick last week she stopped eating, all together. She was refusing her pacifier , which is very unusual for her. I was so stressed but once she started feeling better she was almost back to her old self. She isnt eating near as good as she was but she is eating some. When do the preemie up's and down's end? This roller coaster ride has gone on long enough!!!! Another depressing thing.... In the winter Hallie started wearing 3-6 month clothes , evidently only because of her length.... Her 3-6 month summer clothes are falling off of her.... So we are going from 3-6 months clothes to 0-3 months.... wrong way Hallie!! Heath and Hallie had their first taste of a baseball game the other day... Heath was perfect, Hallie wanted out of the stroller and to be held...My sweet innocent little princess is starting to be a handful, she always, always wants to be held....and only by mommy! Its cute and I'm so glad she loves me so much (cause Harley is Daddy's boy ,all the way!!) but its starting to get kind of annoying.... I love you Hallie, and love that you love me....but Nana , Granny, and Daddy are all good people too....Let them hold you, they wont bite... promise!