Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A day in the life of the Lovvorn family.... Our lives are CRAZY! This top picture is Justin trying to watch T.V., there is no more watching a show in the peace and quiet... You will be lucky if you only have 2 kids crawling and sitting on you.I looked over and seen all the kids on him, and I couldnt resist to grab the camera. It shows what a typical night is like for us... Chasing kids, getting them out of troubled spots, making sure they dont break each others glasses, or each other, for that matter! Last night I had to take Heath off of Hallie, he was sitting on her face! There is always babies everywhere, if one baby isnt pulling his/her glasses off, the other one will do it for them! Ill be going to Austin tomorrow, until late sat night. That is by far the longest i have been away from the twins, even when they were in the NICU, I still visited everyday. I am very excited about getting a full night sleep but, I am going to miss all 3 of the kids so badly. I must admit I am in need of a little vacation. I am going down there to watch the state basketball tournament and to relax! Justin's birthday is also tomorrow ( i know.. happy birthday, im leaving you with all 3 kids for 4 days!!) He will be 26! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hallie has still been doing great! She is taking almost ALL of her feeds by mouth and she hasnt thrown up in 5 days!!! THAT IS HUGE! Here is a picture of her new doll, that i couldnt resist buying her. She is really coming along. I stood her up in her bed...she isnt pulling up yet! But the picture looks like she does!!

Heath was wonderful with his glasses the first 2 days...leaving them on until it was nap time.. then he figured out that he can take them off, and that gets mommy's attention.... so now he is just as bad as Hallie is about leaving his on. What am I going to do with these kids? He has FINALLY learned how to hold his own bottle, thank goodness. Its hard to try to feed 2 babies at once! Here are some of the most recent picture of Heath Tucker.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Harley before he went to a basketball game with Daddy. Of course, he had to wear all his "hook 'em horns" stuff!

Heath has his glasses!!! We got them in yesterday and they fit him a lot better then Hallie's do. He keeps his on a little better, atleast the first day! He weights 17lbs 7oz. As you can see by the picture, we need to strap him in the high chair...just sitting him in there isnt working anymore.

Little Miss Hallie has put on some weight!!! She is now 12lbs 6oz!! She gained 4oz in a little over a week. She has been doing great with her "army" crawl...she goes everywhere, and fast! She is getting such a great personality. She has been taking 90% of her feeds by mouth. Things are finally looking up for Miss Hallie. She loves playing "where's Hallie", like we were doing in the first picture. And Hallie loves her new baby gymnastics jumper, thanks Magen!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

PIRATE BABIES, the patch doesnt even seem to bother Heath. Hallie isnt a big fan of the patch or the glasses!

We now have a 12 lb baby! I took Hallie in for a weight check yesterday and she had gained 1 oz since Friday. Its slow, but its progress. She weighs 12lbs 2.8oz. Both kids are feeling better. Before anyone asks, NO, Hallie doesnt eat the biscuit that she is holding...she will just hold it! If you look really close you can tell where she put it in her mouth for a split second before she realized it was food!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Good news and Bad news...Heath's heart appointment went pretty good. He was too sick to sedate so they weren't able to do the echocardiogram, but they did do an EKG. The Dr. seemed to think he was ok, and he doesn't go back until summer. On the other hand, we had him looked at by his regualr doctor, we knew that he was sick but to our surprise he has PNEUMONIA....Great! Today Hallie is sick, so I get to take her.... I sure hope she doesn't have the same thing, but I know with our luck , she probably does.
Since we were at the hospital getting chest X-rays, I went and visited my friend that is in the hospital trying to hold off having her twins for a few more weeks. She was in good spirits and she has made it to 26 weeks + 2 days!! I was telling her how awesome that was, just to be able to make it that far. She is hoping to make it to 28 weeks!

Yes, daddy is very proud of this picture of Heath with a doll!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mommy and the birthday babies... after cake! (i know their birthday was a while back, i just like these pictures!)

Here are some of their most recent pictures. Happy Hallie and brotherly love!

Tomorrow is a big day for Heath. We take him back to his heart Doctor to see if he has to have another heart surgery. It is so scary to even think about. The will sedate him to run the test. Wish us/him luck! They look like they live in Colorado, but really it was 50 degrees that morning!

There is only SO much football one baby can handle!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Get' em Hallie

Hallie is now doing the army crawl. She can find her way to get to anything in the room. There is really nothing new to report as far as anything else. We are still waiting on Heath's glasses. We dont go back to the dr with them until the end of the month. I hate waiting that long to find out if Miss Hallie has put on weight.
As you can see by this picture, size isnt slowing her down from letting Heath know who is boss.