Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

The babies first Christmas is here and gone. This year has flown by. Harley had a good time. I woke him up Christmas morning and told him Santa came to see him and he ran to the living room, past all the toys, and asked where Santa was..it was so cute. Here are some pictures from Christmas at my parents house. Our little batman! and one is of Harley opening up his cabage patch (justin was thrilled!)...Harley loves it, wants to sleep with him every night...I think its cute. Once again, i have no idea why one of the pictures have several copies....

"She's getting there"

"She's getting there", is a famous quote by my friend Carrie...she says that everytime i talk about Hallie. Thanks for always keeping it positive! Hallie has had a horrible week. I guess she is getting sick and that is making her throw up every feed! The poor thing has held almost nothing down in 5 days, she is coughing up a storm. I was so excited when everyone was telling me how much she has grown, during Christmas!! Her eye glasses are now givign her problems too, they are too small for her head...Its always something, so now we are trying to get them fixed this week... Dont ask me why there are 4 picture that same one here....i cant figure it out myself....and I cant get them deleted.... but its cute!!

Growing boy

Heath is really making some great progress. He is crawling EVERYWHERE.... now he is starting to really be a mess. Poor thing, he will pick up toys, roll over to play with them and drop them on his face... He already has a cut from the remote control! This pictures of him taking a sink bath explains our life... one picture shows the meds on the counter, the other picture shows the hand sanitizer and soap! Doesn't he look huge on Harley's John Deere!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Well, this will probably be the last time I post for a while. School lets out today and I dont have a computer at home anymore (except the one that has crashed and is just taking up space). Today we go for another round of RSV shots, another 3 hour dr visit! I have some excited news to tell, Heath is pulling up! He has just started taking off. He has pulled up 2x now. From crawling to pulling up to his feet! As fast as he is growing, he could be walking soon!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Picture of Hallie

Here is Hallie's most recent pictures. One of the pictures she has a boys outfit on, my mom was keeping her, and she threw up on all the girl outfits!!
And the other picture the glasses are falling off her face , but i couldnt resist!

I have never been so excited about being wrong before!!! Hallie weighs 11lbs 5oz..... my guess was 11 4, so im so happy...Heath man weighs 16lbs 1 oz... he is getting so big... yesterday he went from being on his back, to sitting up...and this morning he was crawling , like a real baby!! He is starting to out grow his clothes, fast. The dr just said yday that they had a virus but that we are doing everything that we can, so it will just have to run its course. Since Hallie has been sick, she hasn't taken anything from bottle, so hopefully she will be well before long, and maybe she didnt forget how to eat. You never know with these preemies! I am in the process of getting pictures of Hallie with her glasses scanned, so it wont be long and I'll post them!! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sick, again!

Heath and Hallie are both sick! Yuk, its bad enough having one crying baby because they don't feel good, but having two is a killer. We are taking them to the Dr today, and hopefully they can give us some magic potion to get them all better. I still do not have pictures developed of Hallie in her glasses, but I would like to report that she is doing better with sitting up, maybe she will be sitting before her first birthday. The twins are going to be ONE in less then a month. Heath is learning to crawl, he still doesn't have it down great, but he crawls in his own little way. We will have an update on weight today too..... Hmmm, im going to guess 11lbs 4oz and 16lbs 2 oz, I could be WAY off! Ill let you know more tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kelly S, I just wanted to let you know that for some reason I cant get on your website anymore. Im so upset about it, so you'll have to email me or comment me on my site about how your boys are doing. They cut Xanga out at our school, and my home computer crashed a while back.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Glasses are HERE!

We got Hallie's glasses in the mail yesterday, and to our surprise she doesn't hate them. She actually screamed when we took them off this morning. It took her about 2 mins of wearing them before she found out how to take them off herself! Her one eye is so bad, when I looked through the glasses, I can't even see shapes...I can just make out colors. Its so sad to know that she has been seeing nothing out of her left eye all this time. We are excited about getting them for her. I took pictures last night but I wont have them developed until the weekend..... take my word for it, she is a cutie!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

comment, please

Is there anyway that I can keep up with how many people view this blog? If anyone knows, let me know. If your reading this, leave just a little comment to let me know, so I can have some idea as to how many people check this site.

We took Hallie to the Dr. yday.....she is still NOT 11 lbs, close, 10 lbs 15oz.... I know, we are getting there. Its just so slow! We took her to the eye dr yday too, and everything looked good, for Hallie. We are still waiting on her glasses.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Heath with a TEMPER

Don't worry, he didn't stay in that position for very long. I had the camera ready. He absolutely hates the bouncy seat. This is his new thing! He throws himself on the floor, luckily the whole thing doesn't tip over. He has a temper of a toddler!

Playing together!

There is no point in putting a huge blanket on the floor, they find their way to the carpet either way! I have to keep the twins separated or Heath will climb on top of Hallie, as you can tell!

Hallie has slowed down with her eating progress but she is still getting about 8oz of food down a day.... Im just pleased she is taking something.... and little miss Hallie is interested in holding her bottle , she just cant seem to get it in her mouth, but she is trying! Heath on the other hand wants nothing to do with holding his, but I dont mind holding it, as long as he eats. With all the preemie issues, if i forced him to hold it , he would probably just stop eating. We know how that goes!! (right, Julie) Of Course, I have more pictures. The lady at Wal-Mart doesnt even ask me my name and number anymore when I drop the film off....How sad is that, Its not easy to spell Lovvorn right, but she does!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Family Photo's

These were taken at Thanksgiving. Our family and also my nieces , Olivia and Ashtyn.

Sleeping beauty

Getting too big!

I think Heath is trying to tell us he is too big for the swing!