Sunday, January 21, 2007

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Happy Birthday and Hospital Stay # 2

I am VERY pissed right now. I just spent the last 45 minutes writing this big story on our last month. Including Hospital stays and Birthday #2! Here is a very short version… I do mean VERY.

*Heath was in the hospital for 5 days at the beginning of Jan for RSV and Pneumonia.
*Hallie went to the Dr. when Heath got home from the hospital and has Pneumonia too.
*We are 2 weeks post hospital stay and Heath is STILL on oxygen at night.
*Heath STILL has Pneumonia, no better or worse. So we, yet again, try another antibiotic!
*Heath’s eardrum busted.
*Heath learned how to climb out of his baby bed.
*This week we see ENT, GI, Pulminologist, Pedi (Yes, we get Synagis. It just doesn’t work for us!), and we also have the yearly evaluation with ECI.

****Two very special kids turned TWO!! H & H turned two on January 18th. It really seems like it should be their first birthday. Our birthday wish was more weight, and less sickness for 2007!****

Someone at the Dr’s office asked their age difference.” Two minutes”. ”Oh, they’re twins, I couldn’t tell”. I’m sure I looked at her like she is crazy but they do weigh 17 and 24 lbs and are 5 inches apart.I guess I’m starting to look like one of those crazy moms that got pregnant right away.