Monday, November 21, 2005



Surgery # 9 for the Lovvorn Twins

Here we go again! Another surgery, another bill.... Heath will be having tubes put in his ears tomorrow at Baylor. I sure hope this makes all his ear infections stop. He has been a lot better since his antibiotic shots. He has slept through the night 4 nights in a row. The Dr. said he will probably start eating more after his tubes are in too.... (hmmm, maybe Hallie needs tubes!!)
Heath and Hallie got out yday to a Thanksgiving dinner with Justins family. It has been a long time since any of them had seen the babies. I was nervous getting them out , but I figured better now then at Christmas when its really cold. I think Hallie is having more troubles with her ears too...She is on antibiotics for her ear infection, but it seems like they are bothering her more now then before....I am ordering her glasses today, so in about 2 weeks Ill have pictures!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Where we started! 10 Months ago, today!

You make think Heath and Hallie are tiny for 10 months old, but take a look where they started. Its so hard to look back at these pictures, but we are so blessed to have them here today. It seems so hard at times, but then I can look back at the times when I was driving over and hour everyday to see them in the NICU, or the times when we got them home and they were attached to numerous monitors and oxygen...and you couldn't even carry them to the other room. As hard as it seems, it is getting easier. I cant believe it was 10 months ago today that they entered our life. It has gone by so fast. Hallie now weights 10lbs 8oz, and still is doing the same with eating. She may be starting to throw up less, and she is still really weak, but we are still working on sitting up and standing on her feet.She is a very happy baby. Heath is 14lbs 13oz, he is sitting up (for a short time), he is scooting everywhere, he eats about 30oz a day and 6oz a baby food. He is so spoiled and screams if you put him down. He is a very happy baby, as long as he is getting his way.(Takes after his mommy, i guess) I can't imagine our life without them, we are truely blessed.

Yay, glasses!

Have you ever thought that someone would be so excited about having their baby wear glasses. I am! After messing with that horrible contact , I was thrilled when the dr told me we could go with glasses. She looks so sad in them, but all in all it will be so great to have her being able to see. The Dr. said he should start every parent off with contacts, then glasses seem great. So, we are ordering Hallie glasses and having to patch her good eye for 2 hours a day. Heath also has to wear an eye patch 2 hours a day on his right eye. He is a little far sided and they dont want it to make him have a lazy eye, so we are going to try and correct it before it gets that far. Heath is going today to see an ENT, Justin is taking him by himself for the first time. I have a basketball game. Wish him luck!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Pictures

Ear Infection, AGAIN!

We will be making several trips to Dallas this week to see all kinds of Doctor's. Yesterday we were suppose to go to the eye Dr, but Heath was so sick that we had to take him to the Pediatrician, so we ended up not being able to go to the eye doctor. Heath has a double ear infection AGAIN, and if I heard correctly, he has a busted ear drum. They gave him an antibiotic shot yesterday, and we have to go back today for another one. So, now we rescheduled the eye appt for Thursday, and today we go to the pediatrician to get Heaths other round of antibiotics and also to get both of their RSV shots. Heath weighed 14lbs 13oz yesterday, we will know Hallie's weight today. Last night I had to put Heath down to make bottles , and he wasn't happy... He ended up scooting himself all the way to the other room. Yes, He is now mobile! He is already feeling better. We have an appointment with an ENT next week to see about getting Heath tubes , we will do anything to get rid of these constant ear infections. Hallie is still eating when she is a sleep, we are getting about 5oz of baby food down here a day. Yay!! Harley is also getting better at the potty training. We put him in underwear at home and he doesn't have many accidents. He still throws his tantrums when we make him sit on the potty, and he has yet to tell us he needs to go, but we are slowly getting there. Slowly!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Lovvorn Men

Daniel (Justin's brother), Pop, Heath, Justin, and Harley!


Here Julie! This week has been pretty good for Miss Hallie. We have only had to use her tube about 3 times in the last 3 days... She is taking her formula by mouth (with oatmeal added), mainly when she is sleeping, but also a few times when she was up! She threw up this morning for the first time in 2 days. Heath on the other hand has been eating up a storm ... I feed him SO much before bed time and he is still up every 3 hours.... We have started giving in and letting him sleep on his tummy some. I know, bad parenting! We have 2 dr appts next week. One with Leffler (eye) and then we go and get our RSV shots again on thurs. Im so excited about getting their weight checks..I know Hallie has grown! Who cares what the scales say!! Im about to leave for Austin (my cross country team made it to state), Im excited about that..and most excited about getting a full night SLEEP!! I hate that I will be so far away from the kids though.... Ill be ready to get back home, that is for sure.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Keeping warm

That look means..."mommy, its 70 degrees outside, do i really have to wear this on my head?"

Reaching, maybe!

Heath reached for me last night. My mom was holding him and I was calling his name with my hands out and he lunged into my arms. Maybe it was just a one time thing, but for now, Im saying he has learned something new!


Our little Tiger and Football player. My in-laws watched the twins while we took Harley out, he had a blast. Heath looks miserable in the tiger outfit. Hallie didn't have a costume this year... They were all way too big. Maybe next year!


Heath is finally feeling better. Yesterday he took 35 oz of milk and 2 baby jars of food. Yay!! That is more then he ate before he got sick, but im not complaining! He is laughing and playing again, it so nice to have Heath back. The new meds Hallie is on doesn't seem to help, she is still throwing up about 2x a day, but she has been in a good mood lately.She seems more alert and she rolls all the time... she is also doing better standing on her feet, its nice to see that she is making progress. I'm hoping by telling this it doesn't stop but, Hallie has eaten (while sleeping, of course) 3 oz of formula, oatmeal, and baby food at her 9pm and 1am feed! We are so excited, who cares if she is sleeping....she is getting the food!