Monday, December 25, 2006

Ambulance Ride and Oxygen

We have had one CRAZY week. Short run down, Hallie was sick all week ...Monday, the dr put her on antibiotics for a double ear infection and an RSV test came back negative. Tues and Wed I stayed home from work because she was still sick. Thursday,since we had to go to Dallas for 2 other dr's appt's, we took Heath and Hallie to the dr for being sick. Little did I know how sick Miss Hallie really was. While we were at the dr they ran another RSV test, gave 2 breathing treatments, and then hooked both up to the Pulse ox machine. I will admit I thought the Dr was crazy since that is what they were on when they came home from the hospital. I thought that I would be able to tell if Hallie couldnt breathe, well I was wrong.... You want your 02 sats in the high 90's atleast! Hallie was in the mid 80's. I made the excuse that the thing wasnt on her foot right.... well it still came back the same. I thought I knew what that meant but it was one of those feelings that I was hoping I was wrong.... Yes, she needed oxygen.... and Yes, we were heading to Childrens.... by ambulance. Once we were there, it was madness. Hallie was on oxygen and the breathing treatments were making her better. Justin comes in with Heath, the dr looks at him and decides that he needs to be admitted too.... Crazy! He was released a few hours later after meds and oxygen for a while. Now is when it gets bad.... In the middle of the night the dr's come in and tell us Hallie has been doing bad and they need to work on her (at children's the turn off the monitors in the room, so parents can sleep....Im not sure I like that) They turn on her monitors and begin deep suctioning her out.... I asked how much oxygen she was on, and at first it was 1 liter..... then 1 1/4, then 1.5, then 1 3/4, then 2.....(remind everyone, she came home from the NICU on 1/32nd of a liter, so I KNEW this wasnt good). At the point she was on 2 liters I asked them what was next because she wasnt getting better and nothing was working....They said "We are going to try suctioning really deep one more time and then Its the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT" I got so sick, literally. The head RT came in and FINALLY , FINALLY... got her a little better.... I was so scared because I knew that there were no meds that could help this....(I forgot to mention, yes they were treathing her for RSV) Besides, Heath's life and death heart surgery, that was the by far the most worried I had been about the babies....Long story.... but we are home now! Prayers, once again, were answered! Merry Christmas to All!
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