Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Laying with Papa

This has been a rough week for the twins. Heath and Hallie have both been sick with fever and congestion. Monday I took both of them to Tiny Tots (their Dr.) and of course we drove over an hour to hear that its a viral infection that we can't do anything about. On a better note, we did run into an old NICU friend of ours, Halle Grace. She is getting so big and has the best little personality, and her communication skills wow'd me (yeah, ok everyone.... I think I just made that word up!) I can't wait for the March of Dimes walk, so we can see everyone again. Hopefully everyone will be healthy so they can play together....OK, that was all Monday. Tues, I get a call from daycare that Heath has a rash all over him. Great!! Everyone said "maybe he is allergic to the antibiotics he is on"..nope, that cant be it... cause he isn't on any.... So I call Tiny Tots back! I know they love hearing my voice 10x a day! After talking with them they decide he needs to be seen but it was too late to come in that day. So, here we are on wed... I decided to take Heath to Harley's pediatrician which is about 15 miles closer and its only a 25$ co -pay. But, once again.... Its a viral rash that we can't do anything about. It is all over his body but it doesn't seem to be bothering him. They did measure him today... He is 30 inches long... I will have to get a picture of Heath and Hallie standing next to each other, she comes up to his chin, seriously!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My beautiful little girl has come so far this month. I can not even express how blessed we are to have her making progress in everything. She is catching up to Heath pretty fast. She is pulling up to her feet. I know I posted all this with my last post but Im so proud that I'm doing it again!! She is still eating fairly well, even though we do use her tube at her 5:30am feed, she isn't much of a morning drinker! She even took about 5 bites of pudding the other night...I couldn't be happier! We took her to the GI Dr. last week and he was impressed with how well she is doing, but he said she still is gaining weight too slow.
(Carrie, but he did say....atleast she is gaining!) She now weights 12lbs 14oz. She is so close to 13lbs but it always seems like those last few ounces take the longest time!

Its sad that Im buying one twin 12month clothes and one twin 0-3 months. Though we are fitting in to a few 3-6 month things!!

My friend in the hospital is now 32 and a half weeks pregnant! She has been in the hospital now for about 50 days, I would be going crazy! But, I would have loved for that chance to go crazy though, she is so lucky to be able to have held off this long. Im so happy for her and her family. She also has a daughter that is 2, and having twins... So someone else is going to have the crazy life like we do.... No one could prepare for it!!

Heath looks exactly like Justin! The picture of him in the bath (sink) , I think you could put justin's baby picture up there and you couldn't tell a difference. The one of him in the high chair is a picture of his first black eye. He got it at daycare, thank goodness. So at least they don't think we beat him, cause he is ALL boy and full of bruises!
We are still waiting on his first tooth to come in, he is still cranky, drooling, and chewing on everything. He is walking around the furniture like crazy. It is so funny, out of him and Hallie, he is the one that is scared of everything: the vacuum, the hair dryer, Harley's cars that make noise... He screams and shakes! And Hallie doesn't seem to mind... Gets to Justin that the boy is the sissy!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Im almost scared to update on the twins, just in fear that Hallie might decide to stop doing so well...Here it goes!! Hallie is eating all of her feeds by MOUTH!! In the last month she has starting sitting up so good, crawling right!, and eating.... She has also only thrown up once in this month ( and that's when Heath hit her with a toy and made her scream so bad she threw up).. I don't know what made Hallie change so much but Im loving it! Her therapist are so proud of her progress. She has even started pulling up on things , a few times getting to her feet!! I am so extremely proud of her but , at the same time, im so scared of things going back to the way they were....I know how fast things can change but im crossing my fingers that she is over the tube and throwing up.....We actually take her right out of the bouncy seat after she eats....No more waiting an hour for her food to settle. ( we still feed her in the bouncy seat because that is where she seems to be more comfortable eating) We take her to the GI Dr. Tomorrow and thurs we take the twins to get their hearing checked. Hallie will get weighed tomorrow, I cant wait... Hopefully she has put on weight these past few weeks. Hallie still doesn't eat baby food but the other day she did eat (or suck until it was half gone) an oreo....She loved it...She kept leaning over with her tongue out for it...So I went and got a whole bag of them from wal-mart!
To celebrate Hallie doing so well, her and I went and got our "mother / daughter" pictures made. They turned out SO good....Hallie smiled in every picture. Here is the website to view them . my email address is and the password is Bobbie.... I must say , she is SO precious!! (Im not sure if its my computer or if everyone will have this problem, but i can not seem to click on this link and view the website , but if you'll type this website in, you will be able to get to it!!)

Heath has been doing great, too! He is eating a jar of baby food every time we feed him. I think he is putting on a lot of weight too.... He is walking around the furniture but still isn't brave enough to let go. He is a mess... I try to dress Hallie up in a bow every once in a while, but Heath rips it out...And NO progress with him and his glasses...Still hates them, and he doesn't like Hallie wearing them either, he likes to take hers off, too. And after all this chewing on everything for 3 months and drooling , still NO TEETH!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

I had a good time on my trip to Austin, but I was ready to see my kids! It's amazing how it feels to wake up after getting a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That was the best part of my little vacation. I did watch some good basketball games, too. The grandparents watched the kids thurs, fri, and sat..... Justin had a baseball tournament. He will be gone all this wkend , he is leaving thurs morning and not coming back until sat night. I sure hope the grandparents are as nice this wkend (hint, hint!!) The twins are continuing to do just as well as they have been. The only new news is that they do NOT like strangers. My cousin came over with her 4 kids , and they wanted no part of anyone of them. And Justin's grandmother was going to watch them sat morning but the babies cried the whole time cause they don't know her very well. Its kind of cute now, but I sure hope it doesn't start being a problem when the grandparents or the daycare gets them...
My friend in the hospital is now 30 weeks pregnant!!! Yay! That's so awesome, they say her babies are close to 3lbs now....a 3 lbs baby, i cant imagine.... That's like having a GIANT!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here is a picture of Justin's niece, she was born in December and is already about Hallie's size! Her name is Lilly Faith. Holding her is her big brother, Chance.