Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just a few cute pictures!
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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Once again the famous 4 kids on a couch picture! We went and visited our friends and had a blast. We have already decided that every time we get together there has to be a picture taken on the couch, to see how much they have grown.

I had to put this bottom picture on here to show Julia'a dad that she ate that day...a lot! About 10 cheerio's, which to a tube fed baby is like a whole thanksgiving dinner. We were so proud...  Posted by Picasa

Arent they just the cutest two boys in the world? Heath now weighs 22 lbs 8oz, he gained 7oz this week! He is doing better eating and talking...and he is a PRO at tantrums. He still gets on Harley's bed, on the table, on the couch, in the trash..... all those are every day! But, he also is still the cutest baby ever. He will be one of those kids that get in trouble in school, but look so darn cute that you hate to punish him....Yep, just like his brother, Harley- A very cute stinker!
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Hallie is getting SO big, well.. for her! Just a little update. She now weighs 17lbs 2oz! She had her first round of Synagis today (the shot to help prevent RSV). We'll be praying it works!! Hallie has been eating a little better too. SHE HASNT USED HER TUBE IN 3-4 MONTHS!! She has also starting talking a lot more. She will try to repeat whatever you tell her to say. You cant always understand her but ..."she's getting there".

The Dr. called her a toddler.... Oh my, my babies are growing up... Posted by Picasa