Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look Halle Grace, I have something wrong with my arm too....

Heath is acting more like a toddler everyday! In his first week of his new class at daycare, he broke his glasses throwing a fit..ok, not too big of a deal, Wal Mart fixed them (kinda)... Next day, breaks them GOOD this time. I mean, might have to buy a set of new frames good. He is so strong. And tantrums, wow, this kid can throw them with the best of 'em. He has a different bruise on his head everyday from throwing a fit and throwing himself back into whatever is in his way.

Are the terrible two's starting early?? Oh no, terrible two...times two... HELP! Posted by Picasa


What a cute little stinker I have! Hallie's personality has really started coming out these last few weeks. She now dances everytime she hears music, screams everytime you leave her sight, and pulls her own hair, just to name a few. I know, some good...some not so good. The last two days Hallie has been acting really cranky. We are hoping its the beginning stages of a first tooth. There are no real signs of a tooth coming but I think we are just hoping this crankiness isnt just a new phase for Ms Hallie. The kid is 19 months old with NO teeth, its bound to happen soon. A good thing about no teeth is, she cant be blamed for bitting other kids in her class. (which is happening, but its not my angel...this time!)

Aunt Stacey, doesnt this bottom picture favor you. There is a picture of you when you where about her age that was professionally done. Its the one that looks like Daddy got you straight from bed and had your picture made.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

God is good!

Another good reunion! The 4 some got together again. From L to R, Halle Grace, Hallie Brooke, Heath, and Julia. All of them were born within 2 weeks of each other, and all weighing less then 2 lbs! God is good. These babies are so healthy. They enjoyed playing together and of course the moms enjoyed their time to chat. Heath and Hallie tried teaching the other 2 to eat while Halle Grace was showing off her verbal skills. This kid amazes me. Not only is she the smallest baby that I know that survived, but she is talking up a storm. Answering questoins, asking them, she even old me she loved me. "I love you, Bobbie"
Julia and Heath looked like they were getting a little comfortable together in this bottom picture. Heath is making a move but I want to think Julia has the look like she was going to tell her daddy!!

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Heath and Hallie are IT

We have been tagged by Halle Grace! Here it goes...

Hallie- Hal-Hal, Beautiful, Sissy
Heath- Heafers, Heafies, Brother
Hallie- Mommy, Daddy, Harley
Heath- Harley, Daddy, Mommy
Hallie- outside, being held, playing in water
Heath- outside, his car, playing in water
Hallie- all the above taken away
Heath- all the above taken away
Hallie- Why I cant play in the office, why I cant get into the pool with the big kids, why I have to be strapped in my high chair.
Heath- Why I cant get on Harley's bed, Why he cant be in the pool all the time, why everyone shuts me out of brother's room
Hallie and Heath- My car, my rocking dog, and Hallie's carseat
Hallie- sleeping, sucking on pacifier, holding blanket.
Heath-sleeping, coughing, swinging.
Hallie- EAT, walk, get out of my high chair while strapped in
Heath- run (starting to), throw a massive tantrum, destroy blinds
Hallie- determined, funny, playful
Heath- loving, playful, like a 2 year old
Hallie- run, climb stairs, talk a lot
Heath- understand why I cant be a big boy... 3 x that!
Hallie- toast, oreo's, icing
Heath- grilled cheese, pizza, cake
Hallie- veggie baby food, anything cold, strawberry applesause
Heath- baby food, hmm, that all for now
Hallie- Nutren Jr, some tea and water
Heath- Milk, Nutren Jr (when I get a chance), tea
Heath and Hallie- not interested

Boys I tag: Kristian, Collin and Cyrus, Jackson
Girls I tag: Julia, Hannah, Kaitlyn, Ava

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Finally- an update

I know, I know… It’s been forever since I have updated. Justin and I just got back from a well needed vacation; actually we were at coaching school but no kids, which means a vacation!

I just caught up on some blog’s that I read on a regular basis. I am so glad that I have all you other preemie families to depend on to make my life seem normal.

Billie, I totally understand how you feel about the eating issue. It is so hard to make sure they eat all that they need in a day, and we have the button but try extremely hard not to use it. It was easier making sure Hallie got all her calories in that day when we did use it but now it is a challenge but I feel so blessed that she does/can eat. She by no means eats great but I would guess she is on the same page as your two. You have the most amazing strength out of any woman I know. You are an awesome mother. We always like to say how blessed we are to have our children, and we are...but, your children are blessed to have you.

Liz, words cant even describe how your last post makes me feel. I cant even hold back the tears when I think about it. I, too, lost a triplet and that feeling along makes me feel weak. I can’t even begin to imagine what you went through during their birth, and after. You are such a great mom. You have so much strength in caring for Kaitlyn everyday. It is not easy dealing with all the preemie issues that we are dealt with but you do a great job! It won’t be long and she will be smiling and eating and you will wonder when she grew up. It happens so fast, right before your eyes.

Ryan Twins, I see my twins every time I read your blog. They seem to have the same facial expressions, clothes, wagon, Hannah wears glasses, just like Hallie. The only difference, Heath is bigger then Hallie!…. And guess what we decided on, yes, we are copying you again…we are getting the car seats!!

And now for my favorite to preemie moms, ever!

Julie, I am so thankful that I met you in the hospital, and even more thankful that we have kept in touch. You have been such a great support system for me. I have always been able to count on you for advice, whatever it may be. You are such a sweet person and a great mother. I’m still not sure how you do it but your daughter is so darn smart. She is such a miracle, in fact…the smallest one I know!! She amazes me all the time. The feeding tube, leg braces, and all the other issues that she has been faced with has not slowed her down one second. Having you there to talk to about all our problems makes things so much easier. I know that you share in my kids milestones just like I do Halle. You understand how exciting it is to have Hallie eat a cheerio! Thank you so much for putting some kind of ease in this nice roller coaster we are living.

Carrie, You are the first friend I met in the NICU. It doesn’t seem like 18 month ago when I was catching Julia from trying to escape her crib, or watching her monitors as if she were my own. How neat was it knowing that everyone knew the friendship that you and I had, that we could check in on the other ones babies. That was just unheard of in the NICU. I’ll never forget when Julia and her nurse came to visit us in the “over night” room when we were taking Hallie home. I felt such a bond with you when you moved into our “pod” and both of our children were about to go through major surgery. My heart aches just thinking of those days. You are such a great friend to me. Our friendship will go way beyond the “preemie” stages. I have always been able to count on you for advice, or just for a good laugh. Your sense of humor cracks me up! You and I are so much a like. And come to think of it, Darrin and Justin are too. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me. You are one of my closest friends!

Now, on to the kids.
Heath- He is so dramatic. If you didn’t know him you might think he broke his leg from the crying/screaming fit, but no…really, we just shut the door so he couldn’t get into his brothers room. He can throw a tantrum like a pro. He is doing really good with eating. Walking everywhere! Has 4 teeth, and I must say its killing ME every time one comes in. He now gives kisses, plays “nite-nite”, climbs on the couch and Harley’s bed. He loves to be held and is the best baby ever when he is outside. But, sometimes I wonder, is it worth taking him outside to have to deal with the meltdown of bringing him back in….hmmm!

Hallie- my little princess. Well, things are going great with Hallie. She is walking everywhere. We finally found shoes that fit her thanks to ebay. Her favorite thing to eat is toast, with lots of butter. She also likes icing, so yes, I did go buy her her own bowl! She has been probably almost a month without her tube (except for this weekend while we were gone, my mother used it to get her med feed down! Bad Nana!!) Anyhow, I am so pleased with her eating. We go tomorrow to her new pediatrician just for a first visit to her established before school starts. Harley and Heath have already gone there. She on the 18th to the dr and she weighed 15 lbs 9oz. She is getting there and at east she is gaining without the tube. She continues to amaze me.

Harley- he has been several weeks with just 2-3 accidents!! Yay for underwear! He turned 4 years old on the 28th of July. Justin and I have had him now for over 3 years. Time goes by so fast. We are so lucky to have him as our son. When you look at the way the system works, we should have lost him. Everyone thought we would! Long story, but we won… and we got to adopt him. He is so darn cute!!

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