Tuesday, January 31, 2006

OK, this is all I can handle. We went to Dr. Leffler today (eye Dr.) and to our surprise Heath needs glasses. So now we are going to have two babies in glasses. It is going to be almost impossible to keep glasses on Mr. Independent. Hallie's eyes stayed about the same, so there is no changes with her. WISH US LUCK!

Monday, January 30, 2006

A good friend of mine, her sister-in-law is in Baylor 24 weeks pregnant with twins. They were able to stop her labor, for now. That is really all I know at this time. I will update when I know more. I just wanted everyone to pray for her.

Hallie is doing a lot better sitting with no help. She even trys to get up out of her bouncy seat now.

Hallie liked the wrapping paper way more then any of her birthday presents!

Before cake/after cake

This is his new game...No keeping anything on his head.... hat on/ hat off! He loves it...

Before his first cheese puff/ and after....what a face!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

One Year Check Up

Nothing exciting to report on their one year check ups. Hallie weights 11lb 14oz (she only gained 2oz in a week) , we are continuing to keep her on the high calorie formula. She is on 28 cal Neosure and 30 Calorie Nutren..so all and all 29 calories , and she still isn't gaining! They said we need to start giving her milk shakes and Yo Baby Yogurt....so that's our next try. She is only 24 inches long, (Heath was 24 inches at 6 months), poor runt! Heath weights 17lbs and is 27 inches long. They said we could start him on whole milk but we have tons of formula left, so we are going to use that first. They are pleased with his progress. They want us to cut him down to 3-4 bottles a day (now he is taking 7). They said that may be why he isn't eating food very well, because we are giving him 45oz of milk a day! Oops, we were just trying to plump the little man up. They took blood and gave both of them 3 shots. They really weren't fussy last night , to my surprise. Heath did have a major fall last night. He was standing holding on to the chair at the table, his hands slipped and his head hit to leg of the table. It swelled up and turned blue... Perfect end to a fantastic day!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Today is our 1 year check ups. Carrie/Julie how long did the appt take? I am trying to figure out if we can get back in time to get Harley from daycare.

Hallie seems to be doing fine on her new 30 calorie formula, but today will be the big test.... If she gains weight. She has been sitting better , about 30 seconds at a time on a regular basis!! And she has been getting on all 4's at rocking, I remember when Heath was doing that about 2 months ago. She doesn't seem steady enough to crawl , but its progress. She has been doing a horrible time keeping her glasses on.

Heath, he is the same as always. Eating up a storm and getting into EVERYTHING. He got his first big bruise this wkend. Right on his forehead. He tried standing up with something that couldn't hold his weight and it flipped back and hit him on the head. Mr. Dramatic didn't get over it for about 30 mins.

I will have an update tomorrow on weight, length, and how horrible our night was with 2 fussy babies that just got shots and a 3 year old!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What a difference a year makes

A year ago today, Justin and I were looking at the twins wondering if they would survive. Its amazing what a year can do. Today we are chasing Heath around and teaching Hallie to sit. This year has been full of ups and downs. It is very true that "preemie life" is like a roller coaster. Once you think things are going your way your hit with another problem. We have been so fortunate to have the twins as healthy as they are. I know how lucky we are. I watched as other families lost their babies and others that I see at the preemie clinic with a lot of problems and I realize that God has truly blessed our family. We do struggle with Hallie's feedings, her weight, and her vision. But, we have her here today! She is an amazing baby with the best little personality. She rarely cries , unless she is in pain with her reflux. She is the baby that can make your day all better by simply giving you a smile. I cant wait to see her grow and her personality blossom even further. Just thinking about all she has been through in the past year brings tears to my eyes. She is so innocent and has been through so much in her first year. She has had 6 surgeries. We have been surgery free for almost 5 months now! Heath, on the other hand, is a big handful. He crawls around everywhere, just waiting for you to scream his name and chase after him. He is going to be our little devil. Since he has been home, he has taken off. He will cry so hard he turns colors but when you pick him up, he is fine. He is at a very fun stage. He will play and laugh with all of us. And he just thinks the world of his big brother. The other night I watched Harley bounce a soft basketball off Heath's head, and Heath was just laughing out loud because Harley was! Heath climbed all the way in Hallie's bouncy seat the other night while she was in it (that picture will be posted when I get it in) , he was just laying on her. They are getting to be so fun. I just cant believe its been a YEAR. Happy Birthday to my sweet miracles! As Harley would say "Happy Birthday Heath Tucker Brother Lovvorn and Hallie Brooke Sister Lovvorn". Here are some before/after pictures!

Julie, the other night Hallie was getting into the nebulizer cord and I was going to "yell" (if you want to call it that) her name.....and I said "Hallie Grace", I think that means I'm a little obsessed!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hallie was talking to Granny here, she was telling her "Dadadada". Notice how red her hair looks here. Its brown but I would love for it to be red!

shots, shots , shots

Yesterday was another trip to the dr, more shots, blood taken, new weights, new formula, more ear infections! Nothing good to report. Heath and Hallie both have ear infections, so they are both on antibiotics. Hallie had her blood taken. They both got their RSV shots. Heath now weights 16lbs 8oz, he hasnt gained a whole lot this month but they arent worried, he is moving around everywhere...he is literally running away from us. Hallie weights 11lbs 12oz..... i know, i know, "she's getting there".... She is learning how to sit up, she is doing it about 20 seconds at a time. We started her on a new formula, we are doing 1/2 Neosure and 1/2 Nutren, we are praying she will gain on this. We go back next Monday for their one year check ups , which i heard is REAL fun. This thurs we go back to the eye dr...a week full of fun!

MICHELLE AND DEION, i dont know how often you check this website. But, i thought i would let you 2 know that we (Julia's mom and myself) appreciate you two so much. We were talking last night about how nice you always are. We may call 5x a day but you two always are positive and act like yall are there to help us( even if we are on your nerves!) Yall just make our experiences with TT more enjoyable. Thanks for everything ya'll do for us!

"This is my couch, and im bigger!"

Julia's Big day!

We had so much fun at Julia's birthday party. I was so shocked that she was so big,and she had so much hair...with the cutest little curls in the back! It was so cute watching the babies interact with each other. Julia would just look at her parents if they were holding one of the twins. We really need to get together more often! Here are some of the pictures from this weekend. Its so amazing what a year can do! We missed you Halle Grace.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Heath is now officially pulling up on everything! This morning he finally conquered pulling up in his bed... He has done it with the rail down before...But the rail was up and he made his way to standing..He loves it.... He also climbed all the way in the bouncy seat last night. Of course he was backwards in it... But it was still an accomplishment for him... He had been trying for a week... He is getting to be such a handful, I think he is going to take after his brother...into everything! We have the twins RSV shots on Monday, so we are hoping that Hallie will weigh 12lbs and Heath 17! The 19th, they go to the eye Dr (hopefully they will say Hallie can see with her glasses, and that patching Heaths eye is working). Not to mention, the twins are going to be ONE next Wednesday!!!! I cant believe it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The twins are now calling our names! well, not really but Hallie has started saying "Dadadada" on a regular basis, and Heath has said "Mama" a few times. Though they have no idea what they are saying, its still the cutest thing ever. Hallie will say it about 30 times , and then I get the phone and call the grandmothers and she is so fascinated by the phone she stops... Go figure!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday PJ

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA !! ( i know it was the 8th , but I wasnt around a computer)

I am so excited to get to see you this weekend. You are such a beautiful little girl. You have come so far since you have been home. I love hearing about you all the time, and all the progress your making. You have caught up and passed Heath in weight. Your mom and I have become such good friends , thanks to the early arrivals of our babies! We spent a lot of time together in the NICU, the only bad thing about being away from the NICU is not seeing you everyday! Ill make up for it this weekend, be ready to get hugs and kisses from your Ms. Bobbie! And expect pictures, pictures , pictures! Mine are use to it, be ready Halle Grace and Julia, Im bringing my camera!!!

Carrie, thanks for being such a good friend to me. It's so nice to have someone to talk to about all of our issues. I feel like we have become such good friends ,even outside of the preemie world! Thanks for always keeping my spirits up...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Halle Grace!!!!
Its amazing watching you grow (via internet) from where you started. Starting out being the smallest baby (1 lb 1oz ) I had seen in the NICU to the beautiful little girl you are today.... Its amazing. Julie and Brent you are so blessed to have her so healthy and beautiful!


Hallie's first picture sitting alone, and Harley feeding Hallie..... (Julie and Carrie, maybe yall want to borrow Harley, Hallie loves to eat for him!!!) Also notice in the picture, Harley is in big boy underwear!!!! YEA HARLEY!!

Heath always wants to be by Hallie.... if she is in the bouncy seat, he is on it, if she is in the swing, he is under it!

i know, i post too many pictures....but i love them all , i cant choose just one! Here are some pictures from Granny and Pop's house at Christmas. Heath is playing with Pop. And the other picture is him in Hallie's bed.... he loves her bad and her heart mobile... and screams in his... (with his sport mobile)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Kelly S, Where is my update on the boys????? Im waiting! Our family is finally over our nasty virus. All 5 of us had the throwing up bug!! Hallie is back to her old self, she is eating again (even about 2 oz while she is awake!!!) She is also pulling up a lot better and she is also sitting for about 5-10 seconds at a time, it doesn't sound like much but its a big deal to us. Heath is getting faster and faster with this crawling! Harley has been in underwear for 2 days! with no accidents.... He still doesn't tell us when he needs to go but maybe because we sit him on the potty every 30 mins.... but he is back at school today and I don't think they work with him very much, so back to a diaper! I have exciting news.............. We get to see our little miracle friends from the NICU, Julia is having her birthday party, and I cant wait to see her (and hopefully Halle Grace), ( and you too Carrie....oh yeah..and Darrin, I didn't forget about you!!).. Im as excited as I would be if it were my birthday... I cant believe they are all almost ONE.... wow! Its amazing, miracles really do happen...